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A Tool To Help You Connect Your Guests To The Local Experience They Deserve

We are all about hospitality: hosting guests and educating hosts since 2013. A strong team always reinventing itself, developing tools to make hosts’ lives and work easier.

The marketplace GuestLikeLocal was formed out of our need to connect the travelers to the local product: the unique local flavors, the exceptional local services, and the outstanding, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The kind of which you get to live, only if a local decides to trust you with them.

So, the idea of GuestLikeLocal was born in July 2019…

After a year of research, we can tell you that if you share a small room in your apartment, if you rent out a big luxurious villa, or charter a yacht and you don’t have enough words to describe the things only known to a local, GuestLikeLocal is here for you. We wanted it to be easily customizable to every country or small village, to fit everyone’s needs (both guests and hosts) and benefit all of them. We wanted the hosts to earn more money and simultaneously raving reviews and the guests to have an exciting experience and simultaneously save money and time. Well, it’s done!

How can brands work with us?


Sample and distribute your products through a local host


Reach thousands of people without having to travel far or pay for expensive marketing campaigns.


Reach customers’ eagerness to discover fast a new country and its products.

Be Known

Drive brand awereness.


Generate insights.

Your platform

Contact us at info@guestlikelocal.com to see how we can help you reach many.

The GuestLikeLocal Team

Dora Pavlidou

Pavlos Skoufis

Connect your brand to the perfect travel experience!

GuestLikeLocal helps you reach an audience ready to taste and use exciting and why not, new products! Any professional host (managing anything from a small downtown home to a luxurious yacht) is hosting up to 300 guests (or more) per year! We help you sample your products to both budget and luxury travellers like never before!