Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of products will I find at GuestLikeLocal e-shop? Just whiskey and chips?

This is much more than whiskey and chips…

GuestLikeLocal offers a great array of products and services, all those things a guest would be keen on. Tailored by travellers for travellers, GuestLikeLocal features some of the most popular touristic utilities among the guests. Whether traveling for business or leisure, we provide you with a wide array of goods and services that will make your stay easy, pleasant and secure. Along with your host’s enlightening advice, GuestLikeLocal is the perfect tool to organize your activities on your trip, starting even before you leave home.

Local products, drinks and snacks, tours,tickets and transport services are only a few of the products and services to select from. The abundance of our catalogue offers numerous alternatives for the same need and for any taste. Focusing automatically on the local area you reserved in, GuestLikeLocal will help you make the most of your new neighborhood and after that, why not help you in exploring the whole city…

Who do i pay?

You make the payment directly to the platform GuestLikeLocal. All popular payment methods are available in a user-friendly mobile ready platform that meets your needs, while protecting your sensitive data.

How do I pay? (payment methods)

GuestLikeLocal is an absolutely safe environment for any of the methods of payments below. Select the one of your preference and here we gooo!

Can I pay in cash once I receive my order?

No, the payments are handled online at the time of the order. Prepayment is needed for the timely delivery of the products.

Will I receive the products at check-in?

Our main aim is to deliver our products on time. You can order before or during your stay and you will get what you need with no delay. Please contact your host or the property manager to arrange the time and place of delivery.

Can I cancel my order?

This is a human and friendly market environment that protects your rights as a buyer/customer. Cancellations, returns and modifications may apply in accordance with the sellers’ policies. The policies have no fine print or hidden terms and they are tailored in a way that respects both sides.

How long does it take for the products to get delivered to my doorstep once I’ve placed my order?

When your order is placed before the check-in date your products will be available at check in. If you order during your stay the products will be delivered according to your agreement with the property manager.

I have just placed my order. Is there a way to track my products?

Please contact your host.

How many products can I order at a time? Is there a limit?

There’s a minimum order amount of 50 euros.

Can I modify my existing order?

Shopping through GuestLikeLocal, you have full control of your orders including the modification option. Make sure you decide on time, then the process is a piece of cake!

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