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Want to place Your Order?

This is a completely fresh way to experience a new place that you visit: by trying out the things a local host has handpicked for you! Can you think of a better way to fast and reliably use local services and taste local goods?

Tasting local products and enjoying original experiences, has never been easier: in fact it is quite simple! Follow along these simple steps!


In the link provided by your host, you will see the name of the property you are staying in and a distinguishing photo. First look through the products or the categories and then...


Choose the products or services you want to use

From groceries and local goodies to babysitting services, you can find everything that will make your stay memorable! Don’t hesitate to contact your host and discuss any needs you might have. It will help them choose the best products/ services to accommodate your needs.

Choose your payment method

Once you pick the product and service of your choice, you can pay right away! No complicated procedures, no mix ups during the check-out process. We accept debit cards, credit cards, mobile payments, and bank transfers.

Please fill in the name of your apartment

On the field “Shipping Details”, please fill in the name of the apartment you will be staying in and your order will wait for you there In case you need a service before your arrival (eg. cab from the airport) your host will contact you to receive all the necessary details!

Don’t forget to fill in the date and time you want the items to be delivered

As soon as you make your reservation your host will inform you regarding the Guest Like Local services and you will be able to place your order In case a last-minute need comes up, we will process the order and deliver it as soon as possible!

Proceed with the payment and you are ready to go... local!

Your Hassle-free vacations are only just beginning!

See you soon!


Here are some common questions

What kind of products will I find at GuestLikeLocal e-shop? Just whiskey and chips?

There’s so much more to a destination than whiskey and chips…

GuestLikeLocal offers a great array of products and services, all those things a guest would be keen on. Whether traveling for business or leisure, we provide you with a wide array of goods and services that will make your stay easy, pleasant and secure. Along with your host’s enlightening advice, GuestLikeLocal is the perfect tool to organize your activities on your trip, starting even before you leave home.

Local products, drinks and snacks, tours, tickets and transport services are only a few of the products and services to select from with numerous alternatives for the same need and for any taste. Focusing automatically on the local area you reserved in, GuestLikeLocal will help you make the most of your new neighbourhood and after that, why not help you in exploring the whole city!

How do I pay? (payment methods)

GuestLikeLocal is an absolutely safe environment for any of the methods of payments below. Select the one of your preference and here we gooo!

Who do i pay?

You make the payment directly to the platform GuestLikeLocal. All popular payment methods are available in a user-friendly mobile ready platform that meets your needs, while protecting your sensitive data.

Can I pay in cash once I receive my order?

No, the payments are handled online at the time of the order. Prepayment is needed for the timely delivery of the products.

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