Vacation Rentals Upselling Tool

  • Offer personalized experiences

  • Stop worrying about last-minute requests

  • Stand out in the vacation rentals industry

  • Give back to your community

  •  Earn guests’ loyalty and 5-star reviews

What You Get

Your vacation rental will stand out from the competition

Easy suggestion of services and goods to your guests

100% free (no upfront payment or subscription required)

Smart Refer-And-Earn process

Why Choose GuestLikeLocal

Quick setup

Create your account

Choose experiences and services you would like to offer

Don’t forget to connect your Stripe account

Send your guests their Guest Like Local unique link

Money maker and time saver

Subscription is free

You pay only as soon as you start selling

Save valuable time and cost, by knowing what your guests want

An efficient and simple way to increase your revenue

Create a unique trip for your guests

Familiarize them with local experiences and services

Ask your guests what they like… and offer accordingly

Connect with your local stores and offer unique deals

No-touch transactions

Go Local and Earn More

Offering unique experiences while earning extra income has never been easier!

Offer an incredible local experience

The majority of travelers who choose vacation rentals, want to maintain their everyday routine during vacation. In fact, 67% of travelers choose this type of accomodation, just because they need access to facilities like kitchen. Give them the option to cook with local organic products from the flee market across the street and even spice it up with some well-kept secret recipes.

It is quite interesting that 84% of vacation rental companies need to offer services that are currently unavailable in their current software suite. Our upselling tool is one step ahead, giving you the chance to step up your hosting game!

92% of travelers say they trust reviews from their friends over a random commercial. Providing a great experience will help you bring in repetitive guests and quite possibly their peers!

Most importantly: 67% of travelers wish that their future bookings will help rebuild communities around the world. Βy supporting local hosts, they're doing a making a big step towards that direction.


How much does it cost?

GuestLikeLocal charges 10% commission on the total amount of the product or service cost to the owner of the eshop and 3% to the end customer

How do I generate sales?

Promote your GuestLikeLocal e-shop in your reservation confirmation messages.