One simple way to increase your bookings: Update your Amenities!


Looking for ways to increase visibility and reservations through this really, really difficult and strange year? It is only a rhetorical question as we truly know you do.

This is the year that tourism reached the zero point but people will continue traveling and since they will always do so, we need to keep on doing the best we can.

Taking a close look to how the OTAs and online platforms evolve, we identify that they are improving the customer journey by developing more and more search engine filters.

But these are the all time greatest amenities that will get you right where you belong, to the “Book Now” button.

* Kitchen

* Television

* Wifi

* Parking

* Allowing pets

Nearly 25%* of the travelers searching for accommodation in June 2020 filtered their searches for one of the mentioned amenities.

Travelling will not change, it will evolve: As people will work more from home, they will be able to travel more with their cars, family and pets. They will stay more at home, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the accommodation.

So we will all need to adjust to the new travelling era…

*According to August 2020 data from the Vrbo research team.