5 Ideas For A Great Mini Bar


A mini bar is the best way to provide your guests with drinks and to contain your alcohol in one place; however, there are a few things every mini bar should have, so as to function properly. Remember that having an appropriately stocked and equipped mini bar is one of the key elements that make a host perfect – and the hosting experience unique.

Here are 5 ideas for a great mini bar!

First and foremost: cleanliness!

It should go without saying, but a mini bar (and its surrounding area) must be kept clean and neat at all times. Do not cram its top with multiple bottles and glasses; it would be preferable that you put the unique ones there. Another good idea would be the installation of shelves for the storage of glasses and equipment, so that the area will be organized and used for nothing else than a bar.

2. Alcohol
Alcohol is an essential part of a mini bar. However, the size of a mini bar does not allow having a wide variety of drinks. You could solve this problem by buying small and middle sized bottles. If your space is extremely limited, you could choose to have the basic drinks: vodka, rum, scotch and gin, as they can be combined in countless ways. Having those four basics will result in the satisfaction of nearly every guest of yours. While the inclusion of many types of alcohol in your mini bar could help you, do avoid adding miniature bottles, as they will make your mini bar look ready-made and without your personal touch.

3. Mixers
Most people prefer their alcoholic beverage with a mixer included, so it would be great if your mini bar is stocked with a variety of mixers. As we mentioned above, the larger variety of mixers stocked in your mini bar, the better; however, mixers are not always available in smaller bottles. Consequently, you will have to choose the most common mixers, like cola or tonic water.

4. Equipment
Additionally, a wonderful idea would be to include the appropriate equipment for perfect drink-making, such as a blender, bar utensils and a martini shaker. Remember, good equipment may be more expensive, but it will last longer and work better

5. Accoutrements
Of course, in order to have a great mini bar – instead of just a good one – you will have to make drink accessories available to your guests. Make sure that you purchase the appropriate glasses for each type of drink, as well as ice and fruit; having only colorful drink umbrellas would be nice, but it will not suffice!

The most essential element of all, though, is making the bar fun – your guests will appreciate it!

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