Hairdresser at home (haircut + hairstyling for a night out)


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What’s better than an experienced hairdresser in your home when you need a hairstyle for any occasion (a night out, corporate event, a business meeting, etc.)? Book an in-home hairstyle appointment immediately and look beautiful in just one click! This offer includes a haircut and a hairstyling for medium length hair.


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Let the expert staff help you and ensure the best solution for your hairstyling at home! You can opt for a complete at-home hair treatment, starting with a haircut, coloring and then a hairstyle that makes you look your best! The simple hairstyle includes: straightening, light curls, natural waves. Doing your hair at home saves you valuable time and gets you ready when you want to be. Haircut-at-home is also a possibility too. This is a perfect chance especially if you don’t have time or you don’t know which hairdressing salon to choose. 

And for more special occasions, an evening hairstyle will complete your look by giving the perfect style. Our experienced hairdressers undertake impressive hairstyles at your home for a glamorous look on special occasions such as night out, wedding, christening etc.

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