Hotel Upselling Tool

  •  Gain control of your resources

  •  Increase your RevPar and maintain a healthy cash flow

  •  Stop worrying about last-minute inquiries

  • Earn 5-star reviews

  • Stop wasting time trying to upsell during check-in

What You Get

Start earning extra income: Provide a 5 star experience to your guests and get paid for that!

100% free (no upfront payment or subscription required)

Each time a person you referred starts selling, you won’t be charged the next 3 commissions

Why Choose GuestLikeLocal

Easy Setup


Upload local products/services and experiences

Connect your Stripe Account

Let your guests know that they have the option of pre-selecting services and products of their choice, before their arrival

Stop Wasting Time

No subscription fees

You only start paying, once you start selling

Save production and commodity costs by knowing what your guests need

Increase your RevPar

Help your Guests plan their trip

Showcase Local products and services

Provide unique experiences

Offer personalized suggestions

Use cashless transactions

Go Local and Earn More

Support your local community and embrace all the unique aspects your area has to offer

Embrace the Local Experience

98% of marketers say personalization advances customer experience.

81% of travel respondents considered it very important for brands to provide personalized experiences to their customers.

67% of high-income traveles said they would rather spend their money on activities than a nicer hotel room.

Reducing complexity and narrowing choice can boost revenues by 5-40% and cut costs by 10-35%.

When used well, upselling and cross-selling are efficient marketing tools for helping guests plan their trip.

According to Skift, “people-based marketing to cross-sell and upsell allows travel brands to be proactive... and also builds loyalty over time".

By becoming a member of Guest Like Local community, you are doing your part to create a once in a lifetime experience for your customers.


How much does it cost?

GuestLikeLocal charges 10% commission on the total amount of the product or service cost to the owner of the e-shop and 3% to the end customer

How do I generate sales?

You can promote your GuestLikeLocal e-shop in your reservation confirmation messages, and inform your guests straight away about the extra service you provide.