All The Beach equipment You Need_And Will Enjoy!


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Have you booked a last minute getaway on a Greek island or you are going to have some island hopping but you think you don’t have the necessary stuff with you? Don’t lose this chance and tell us what you need or let us help you with the things that could be your survival kit to the island. This price does not include the product fees


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Going to the beach and you are out of some basic things? For example things like sun hat, flip flops, swimming goggles, beach towels, sunscreen, folding fan, ashtray for the car and the beach are some of the things you will find really useful and can arrive at your door in only one click, so you won’t miss the new adventures on the greek seas. Please fill in any details in the comments section.

*By buying this product you only pay for the delivery cost. The price does not include the product fees. You will need to compensate the delivery person with the equivalent of the receipt they will provide to you

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