Pharmacy delivery: Keep Your Doctor Close and Your Medicines Closer!


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Tell us exactly what you need and we will deliver the things at your home without stress or pain of looking out for a closest and open pharmacy. Medical and well-being products, like lip balm, sunscreen, suntan, mosquito repeller, painkiller, after-sun products, multivitamins etc. mainly, products that don’t need prescription. This price does not include the product fees


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One of the most common stresses during a trip in a foreign country, it’s the possibility of an accident, a light one or a more serious one, and the research of a pharmacy, sometimes during the weekend or the night that not every pharmacy is open. Let us help you with that by describing what happened to you or what exactly you will need and we will deliver them at your home without any stress from you. 

Even if it’s the things you forgot to take with you to the greek island you will go next, like sunscreen, suntan, mosquito repeller, or you desperately need some painkillers or something for your allergy, relax and count on us. Don’t let it ruin your trip because the pharmacy next door is closed due to a national holiday or a Sunday.

*By buying this product you only pay for the delivery cost. The price does not include the product fees. You will need to compensate the delivery person with the equivalent of the receipt they will provide to you

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