Sustainability In Hospitality

  • Do you want to make a difference in this planet’s future?

  • Need to have an impact on your guests’ experiences?

  • Want to offer your guests locally sourced products?

  • Need to keep a sustainable business running?

  • Do you care deeply for your local community?

Our Mantra

Source locally, live like a local. We passionately believe that conscious tourism has enormous potential, with more businesses and tourists following more sustainable practices when it comes to traveling

Why Is Sustainability Important

We Want More

After an undoubtedly demanding year, the need to support local businesses is more prominent than ever!

The Local Effect

By sourcing locally you are able to provide your guests with unique experiences while giving back to the community

Be one of us!

Services from local stores do not require long transports like it usually happens with traded goods from big companies, helping reduce the emissions caused by road travel

Our Vision

Our mission is to create an enduring future for hospitality through sustainable operations. Our monetization tool is built effectively to help equally business owners, guests and the community around them!

Embrace the Local Experience

53% of tourists are keen to pay more for sustainable products and services. By offering the option of choosing products and services, you are contributing to the reduction of industrial and commercial waste. Worrying about what your guest might need upon their arrival, and as a result offering a plenitude of services, is a habit of the past.

82% of global travelers want to travel more sustainably in the future and they now have the knowledge and experience to know what they want prior to their trip. Plus, they are not afraid to ask for it. Through this process, you can easily conserve resources and help minimize operational emissions.

67% of the travelers want their choices to support local destinations. By suggesting local products and facilities to your guests, you are contributing to the resilience of the local economy.

There is no better feeling than providing your guests with top quality services, while helping the businesses in your area evolve. After all, the well-being of a community stems from its people. Dozens of companies are now supporting regenerative tourism.

By becoming a member of Guest Like Local, you are doing your part to reduce carbon footprint.


How do i know If a service or a product is considered sustainable?

The majority of small businesses usually sell locally sourced products and practice eco-friendly techniques! Nowadays, you can simply visit a store’s website and learn about its history and mission, as well as its standards and certifications. You don’t have to look far… offer the best local products your area has to offer!

How do I promote my sustainability practices?

Use every means you have: Declare it on your website, the OTAs you use, your business listing on Google Maps, and of course relevant content that your customer will find useful.