Biomechanics Trekking Experience


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Walking in the paths of Filopappou hill, breathing and biomechanics training, walking around Pnyka, the important archaeological site of Athens under the guidance of a professional trainer of outdoor activities.


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The hill of Filopappou is one of the most beautiful sports of nature and history in the heart of Athens. Put on your sneakers and get ready for a unique activity of mild intensity in the forest. Walk from Aeropagitou to the hill of Muses, the most beautiful spot in town to see the sunset! Just before the view from the Pnyx becomes the postcard of the day, we will do a relaxing breathing session in nature. Acropolis, Monastiraki, Thiseio, Agora at your feet!

Meeting point: Car Park Zonars Restaurant. Don’t forget to take with you water and some snacks: at the end, it could be like a picnic in the heart of the city!

Ideal for adults and families, or big groups of friends. Suitable age from 4 to 99 years old.

Duration: 1h30.

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