Facial Hydration Massage


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Facial hydration is the source of natural beauty and youth for every woman and man. Our facial massage for hydration includes a facial scrub cream with cocoa and almond grains, an hydrating facial cream enhanced with vitamin grains, a nutritional face cream, an hydrating and tightening serum, and a fully hydrating facial cream. A full 45 minute hydration session!


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Book this facial hydration massage and return from your trip refreshed and rejuvenated. There are many advantages in this treatment: during a trip many of us don’t always care so much about our skin due to lack of time, so this could be your savior: Your skin will look firmer and more elastic, less dull and healthier, will become less oily, acne is less aggravated, your skin is less itchy and irritated, your foundation may stick better.

Facial massage for hydration includes:
-Facial scrub cream with cocoa and almond grains
-Hydrating facial cream enhanced with vitamin grains
-Nutritional face cream
-Hydrating and tightening serum
-Fully hydrating facial cream

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