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Plantogram (Footprint) is mainly recommended for children suffering from flat feet, pregnant women with severe back pain and athletes who put a lot of strain on their legs and body with intense exercise. However, anyone can have this test, as we all put a lot of pressure on our lower limbs and our bodies in general every day while walking, running, bending and standing for long periods of time. Only imagine the period that you are on a trip and usually you are all day long out sightseeing or at medical visits.


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A plantar thermogram is a measurement of body statics and mechanics performed by analyzing foot pressures in standing and walking. You will step on a digital platform by alternating your feet and adjusting the pressure applied.

This platform, made up of thousands of sensors, automatically transfers all the data to a computer with special software, where the foot is “reconstructed” in 3D and the pressures exerted on it are accurately detected.

Thus the machine records and analyses all the information about the centre of gravity and the support-swinging phases during walking, while the specialist evaluates the measurement data to manufacture the special orthotic insoles you need to get rid of causes or treat symptoms of various conditions, from musculoskeletal problems and foot ailments, such as: arthritis, neuralgia, lower back pain, sciatica, back pain, scoliosis, calluses, patella chondropathies, stress fractures, etc. are common and common to almost all people.

All of the above anatomical and functional problems are identified by a physiotherapist with the help of a podiatrist and treated by the manufacturing of customized special orthotic soles.

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