Grocery Shopping or prestocking the fridge


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Let us do the grocery shopping for you and deliver it straight to your apartment, so that you can dedicate 100% of your precious time into exploring the beautiful city of Athens and what it has to offer!  This price does not include the product fees


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Let us do the grocery shopping for you and deliver it straight to your apartment!

Please put together a list of what you want to drink, eat or even cook, of what personal hygiene items you need to use and you’ll get them directly with no delays.

We assume the greek tags seem completely incomprehensible to you! You don’t need to waste your valuable holiday-time. We can pick up for you either the world wide known products or the best local greek tastes only a native could select…

The flat service fee of 20 EUR includes the shopping procedure as well as the delivery to your place.

Please create your shopping list on the notes section, referring to the quantity and to the type of your preference for each product in order to be more effective. Please let us know if you have any food intolerance or allergies.

Do not miss to inform us of the exact time to knock on your door and bring you the goods.

*By buying this product you only pay for the delivery cost. The price does not include the product fees. You will need to compensate the delivery person with the equivalent of the receipt they will provide to you

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